Hectares of Close Planted Pinot Noir

Hectares of Pinot Noir

Hectares of Chardonnay

In 1975, the Lance family found a beautiful twenty acres of sloping land in the hamlet of St Andrews, Yarra Valley. The soils were poor, thin & riddled with rock. The elevation was high (250m) & the site was a natural ampitheatre, perfect for capturing sunlight without excessive heat.

The family began planting in 1976. Punch began in 2005, when James & Claire Lance began leasing Lance’s Vineyard & Winery. Together they believe that this vineyard has proven itself to be one of Australia’s most distinguished sites.

Hectares of Cabernet Sauvignon



Grown on a tiny plot on our estate vineyard.
Very high vine density and extremely intensive viticulture produce our most powerful and expressive fruit.

Our estate vineyard. Old vines and
fastidious viticulture produce fruit that
sings a song of both place and variety.

Made from fruit grown by our friends,
on excellent sites, with careful viticulture.
Our chance to make wines that tell new stories.


Low technology, but not low fidelity.
Absolute minimum additions.
For the table not the cellar.